Stage Safety Unit

Safety Car

Medical Response Unit

Stage Safety Units transport licensed crew and equipment to an incident to render the scene safe and to render First Aid and spinal immobilisation until the Rescue Unit arrives, if required.


The primary function of the safety cars on an event is to check the course for route and safety information providing this information to Rally Control.


Available for Medical Response Unit at Circuits


Catseye Response

Registered by the MSA as Catseye Response and is a Stage Safety Unit (SSU)  to transport licensed crew and specialist equipment to an incident. The role of the SSU is to make the scene safe and to render First Aid until the Rescue Unit arrives.


Our Crew leader started out Marshalling on events, moving on to radio marshal. Over the last four years he has been getting involved as the Media Officer for the Plains Rally and worked on stage set up for this event.  He works as stage team for the International World Class event WRGB, more significantly Incident Officer for the stage on the day of the event. He now holds a Full Rescue Licence and MSA Safety Car Licence.