Safety Car

Safety Car Team

Fully Equipped to MSA Specification for Safety Car Requirements, Our team members are experienced fully MSA licensed Safety Car Team Members.


Our Vehicle is fully equipped with MSA 81 and VHF radios along with lightbar and Siren & PA System.


Fully experienced in stage set up to the current guidelines, involved with the Plains Rally Stage set up team and WRGB Stage set up team, Conversant with full radio protocol with over 15yrs experience as a MSA radio operator.


Why Us ?


20 Years Experience in Motorsport

Involved in the organising team of the Plains rally for many years and a regular on motorsport events


Radio Equipment

MSA 81 radio and VHF & UHF radios installed


Full Lightbar

Fully euipped LED Lightbar and additional lighting that exceed the blue book requirements


Audi Allroad

Awesome on forest stages and with adjustable ride height, ground clearance is not an issue


Siren & PA

Full 100 watt Multi tone siren and PA facilities


Stage Set up

We know stage set up like the back of our hands, and up  to date with the current requirements as laid out in the SRSR's